In addition to having the option of living in a Living-Learning Community, students at The University of Alabama also have the option of living in a Themed Housing group. Themed Housing groups are organized either around students’ shared academic or social interests. Students within Themed Housing groups have the opportunity to build strong academic and social support systems with their fellow residents with whom they share a common interest. Each Themed Housing group is supported by either an academic unit or a Student Life office. In coordination with the affiliated academic units or Student Life offices, HRC is able to provide students with a living experience that is unique to their individual interests.

The following Themed Housing options will be offered during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.


Engineering living options are available for male Engineering students. These options provide an environment where students can exchange ideas, experiences, skills, and even class notes. The interaction between students with similar interests, and sometimes the same classes, is one of the main advantages of this living option. Students who apply for this option should be majoring in Engineering. The Engineering option is currently located in Bryant Hall.

Explore: Undecided Majors – new for 2017-2018

The Career Center is excited to partner with HRC to offer the Explore: Undecided Majors housing option. As a member of this community, you’ll be one of 20 freshmen led by career consultants in activities designed for you to:

  • Identify and understand your natural talents and personality traits
  • Learn how your interests and values fit with different careers
  • Reflect on things you’ve learned about yourself from various experiences
  • Examine the connection between majors and careers
  • Network with academic advisors to learn about majors in their colleges
  • Develop an action plan and timeline for choosing a major
  • Connect with a variety of academic support services and resources

This community will be housed in Burke East. Students who are interested in participating should complete the LLC/Themed Housing Interest Form by April 28, 2017.

Health, Fitness, and Recreation – new for 2017-2018

Whether you are a health enthusiast, a lifelong athlete, an outdoor adventurer, or someone that’s simply committed to health and fitness, University Recreation (UREC) and Housing and Residential Communities (HRC) invite you to participate in the 2017-2018 Health, Fitness, and Recreation (HFR) themed housing group. Located in Presidential I, the Health, Fitness, and Recreation community is ideally situated near the university’s Student Activity Center and Tuscaloosa’s Black Warrior River.  This community provides a health-conscious environment for students interested in sport and recreation opportunities both on and off campus. Community program opportunities include: group fitness classes, group yoga sessions, outdoor camping trips, kayak and canoe adventures, intramural sports competitions, and health and nutrition information sessions. Students who are interested in a career in health, fitness, and/or nutrition are also invited to participate in the HFR community.

This community will be housed in Presidential I. Students who are interested in participating should complete the LLC/Themed Housing Interest Form by April 28, 2017.

Mallet Assembly

Mallet Assembly, currently located in Highlands, is a group of original thinkers and eclectic personalities. This living option has the following goals:

  • to recognize extraordinary scholastic achievement through its admissions process;
  • to encourage further scholastic development through a comprehensive system of in house programs designed as learning activities that are enjoyable;
  • to encourage the development of leadership skills through the self-government of the program and encouragement of individual and collective involvement throughout all areas of campus life; and
  • to gather students to these ends with high scholastic and achievement records into a unique environment encompassing academics, recreation, unity, and fellowship.

For more information about applying to the Mallet Assembly, visit

Making History: Preparing for a Career in History

The Making History housing option will provide an opportunity and environment for freshman liberal arts majors to explore career options through events offered in the residence hall and throughout the community. Students who participate in this program will also engage in activities that will help them to explore and practice personal development skills necessary for career readiness. Activities will be based around historical themes and related careers but the program is open to students pursuing any A&S major. Faculty and graduate students from the Department of History will be involved in programming efforts. E-Portfolios and final projects will provide a means for reflection and evaluation.  Events and opportunities will allow students who live together to explore their own career interests.  Projects will allow students to work formally and informally on their own career preparation.

This community will be housed in Lakeside East. Students who are interested in participating should complete the LLC/Themed Housing Interest Form by April 28, 2017.

Rotary International House

The Rotary International House offers a small, coed atmosphere for international students and other UA students who are interested in interacting with students from other nations. Students are selected for participation based on their interest and ability to be contributing community members.

For more information, contact Blake McDonald at Students who are interested in participating should complete the LLC/Themed Housing Interest Form by April 28, 2017.

Social Justice – new for 2017-2018

The Social Justice themed housing group, within the Honors Community, has been designed for students to explore issues of social justice within contemporary society.  The course (UH100) will introduce students to social justice agency through the lens of education and student development theory.  In addition, this experience will provide students with learning opportunities beyond the classroom through campus partner interactions and through service-learning in local community-schools.

This community will be housed in Ridgecrest South. Students who are interested in participating should complete the LLC/Themed Housing Interest Form by April 28, 2017.