A sense of belonging is critical to student success during your collegiate experience. With this in mind, HRC places a strong emphasis on building communities that support student learning, in many areas of student life.

There are two major components to our approach to building a sense of community among residents:

  • the Community Living Standards, which set the expectations for student behavior while living with others;
  • and HRC’s Residential Curriculum.

Residential Curriculum

Residential Curriculum is a different mentality for the residential experience. A hall is not just a place to sleep! You will learn just as much by living with people from outside your family as you will in the classroom. Our staff has designed a residential curriculum to establish educational goals and outcomes for the residential experience. This curriculum is grounded in student development theory and consists of intentional programs and interactions with students to achieve growth during their time in the residence halls.

The hallmarks of a residential curriculum:

  • a focus on learning
  • objectives – what will students take away from this?
  • learning outcomes – measurable outcomes that align with the more general objectives
  • strategies for implementation
  • assessment of student learning across the learning outcomes

The mission of HRC’s residential curriculum is to foster personal development, community engagement, and cultural exploration for UA’s residential community.

Personal Development Objectives

  1. Practice an understanding of holistic wellness
  2. Practice civil, responsible, and ethical behaviors
  3. Self-exploration and development of self-concept
  4. Connect with a broad network of campus resources which promote individual success

Community Engagement Objectives

  1. Invest in the community through service and leadership
  2. Develop a positive sense of belonging with the University and residential communities
  3. Build and contribute to inclusive communities

Cultural Exploration Objectives

  1. Respectfully explore and appreciate cultures and identities
  2. Think critically about societal issues and ones’ impact as a global citizen
  3. Dialogue across difference and resolve conflict with respect

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) strives to develop residents into leaders who are community advocates and foster a campus culture of inclusivity, mutual respect, and social engagement. RHA provides residents with social, service, and personal development opportunities and advocates on behalf of residents of The University of Alabama’s residential communities.

RHA will meet Wednesday nights at 6:30 in Lloyd 355.

If you want an opportunity to get involved on campus and make your voice heard, email RHA at rha@ua.edu .