HRC Student Staff

HRC has two live-in student staff positions and one support student staff position available for undergraduate students in their residence halls.

The Resident Advisors (RA) are live-in student leaders who serve as a University resource for the residents in a given area, floor, or residence hall. Their primary job duties include getting to know their residents, building community, and connecting all residents to their campus community through activities and information. In addition to these duties, RAs also provide on-call and crisis response services within Housing and Residential Communities after hours with the assistance of Community Directors and UAPD. A successful candidate is organized, possess the ability to interact and communicate with a diverse group of people, work cooperatively on a team, maintain confidentiality and professionalism, and plan and implement activities designed to meet the needs of the residents in their area, floor, or residence hall.

The Desk Assistant (DA) position is an hourly paid position that staffs the 24-hour community desks. Their primary job duties include serving as a “front-line” customer service agent, a communication link between residents and staff, and answer area phones professionally and provide information to customers. They refer students and parents to available campus and community resources, monitor and control building traffic, and assist with ensuring the security and safety of area residents. They also provide administrative support to the area’s Office Associate and student staff. A successful candidate will be organized, possess the ability to interact and communicate with diverse groups of people professionally, maintain confidentiality and professionalism, have the ability to work without being directly monitored, and provide exceptional customer service to all customers.

All the positions require night, holiday and weekend hours throughout the academic year. Candidates must be enrolled as full-time degree-seeking undergraduate students at The University of Alabama and must remain in good academic, conduct, and financial standing as defined by The University of Alabama and Housing and Residential Communities. There is a minimum GPA requirement for all positions (2.65 for RA, 2.0 for DA) that will be checked at the time of application and each semester of employment thereafter.

Please contact Mary Thornton at regarding the recruitment and selection process for each position.

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student-led organization that encourages creative thought with the empowerment of diversity, development of future campus leaders at the Capstone, membership in student housing organizations for state, regional, and national recognition, evolutionary partnerships with other UA student organizations, and educational enhancement of a traditional college experience with programs that support wellness, safety, environmental awareness, social living and shared learning. All students living on campus are members of RHA. RHA is governed by an elected executive board and is the umbrella organization for Hall Councils. Each residence hall community has a Hall Council, comprised of elected and appointed positions. The purpose of each Hall Council is to foster community within the residence hall and encourage leadership among residents. For more information, please contact the executive board at or contact the RHA advisor Carolyn Nelson.

Community Development Council

The Community Development Council consists of on-campus residents who work together in developing programs and promotional materials for the purpose of communication and reinforcement of the Community Living Standards in Housing and Residential Communities. Members of the group can also be called upon to conduct hearings involving residents who have alleged violations pertaining to the Community Living Standards. The panel made up of CDC members will hear cases on occasion and determine if a student is Responsible or Not Responsible and subsequently issue sanctions to the student if they are found Responsible. Recruitment of CDC members occurs in the fall semester of each year to serve during the current academic year.