Here are some tips for packing to come to campus:

  • Consider room size when packing. Space in the residence halls is relatively limited. We suggest packing lightly and picking up additional items at a later time.
  • Label ALL belongings with your name, building, room number and phone number. Get printable packing labels that can be taped to your boxes.
  • Fold hanging clothes and bring hangers separately. Clothes do not fit well on the moving carts and may get dirty on Move-In Day.
  • Wait to shop for groceries and supplies. These supplies take up valuable space in vehicles. Consider meeting your roommate(s) upon arrival to determine what supplies are needed.
  • Leave winter clothes at home. Due to limited storage space, consider exchanging summer clothes for winter clothes during trips home. Bring one blanket, though, as the temperature in some residence halls is controlled centrally and there may be a brief spell of cold weather.
  • Contact your roommate(s) ahead of time, so you don’t bring two of everything.

View our guide on what to bring (PDF).

Storage & Shipping

HRC does not provide summer storage or storage of belongings prior to Move-In. If you are looking for summer storage, Collegiate Bed Loft Company will be offering a summer storage program. They provide the boxes, packing materials, come pick your belongings up and bring it back in the fall. They will accept orders for the 2017 Summer during the preceding spring.  Space is limited. Posted early bird pricing is good through March 31, 2017. If you have any questions, please email

For the safety and security of our students, mail and packages are not delivered directly to the residence calls. All deliveries are made to the Ferguson Mail Center. The Ferguson Mail Center recommends that packages not be shipped before mid-July. For more information on how students receive mail and packages at the University, visit the Ferguson Mail Center website.

Settling In

To make settling in as easy as possible, we have information on how to hang items in your room and what to expect about the height of your bed. View our information on settling in (PDF).