These questions are often asked by prospective residents as they prepare to move to campus.

Housing Application Process

Due to the many social and academic benefits associated with living on campus, HRC requires all incoming freshmen to live on campus unless exempt from this requirement. Go to our Freshman Residency Program page for more information.
The online housing application is available beginning at 9 a.m. CDT on October 3. Complete the application on using the username and password assigned by Undergraduate Admissions and pay the $175 deposit ($35 non-refundable application fee and $140 housing prepayment) in order to register for on-campus housing (freshmen must pay the Freshman Enrollment Deposit in order to apply for housing; this deposit is separate from the housing deposit). Students who apply by February 1, 2023, will have access to online room selection in May. HRC will email students eligible for room selection in the spring with details about the housing selection process.  Students who apply on February 2 or after will be assigned by HRC staff from late May through late July/early August.
Once UA admits a student and receives the Freshman Enrollment Deposit, the housing application is available, beginning on October 3. Apply as soon as possible to increase your housing options, as access to online room selection and housing assignments by HRC staff are based in part on when a student completes their housing application. Other factors including gender, LLC participation, and roommate. We let students participating in Freshman Room Selection (FRS) pull in a mutually preferred roommate ineligible for FRS, if space allows. Apply by February 1 to select your own room online in May. HRC staff assign rooms beginning in late May for students ineligible for FRS. We take into consideration roommate preference and building preference as space permits. Students who apply May 1 or later may not receive their housing assignments until late July. Participation in online room selection does not guarantee that specific buildings or room styles will be available.
A $175 deposit ($35 non-refundable application fee and $140 housing prepayment) is due with your housing application. If you do not attend UA and cancel your housing application by May 1, 2023, HRC will refund you $140. If you cancel by June 1, 2023, HRC will refund you $100. If you cancel by June 15, HRC will refund $50. To cancel your housing application, submit a cancellation request through the HRC website.

Housing Assignments

Complete information about housing-related medical requests is available on our Medical Requests page.
Students who participate in Freshman Room Selection (FRS) select their room in May. HRC staff assign rooms beginning in late May for students eligible for FRS who do not participate or students ineligible for FRS in order of when they completed their application. We take into consideration roommate preferences and building preference as space permits, but neither can be guaranteed. Students who apply May 1 or later may not receive their housing assignments until mid-July or after. Housing assignment information is emailed to students’ Crimson email address.
Apply for housing by 11:59 p.m. on  February 1, 2023, to select your own room online from available options. Room selection takes place in the spring. Room selection dates and times are determined by when students submit their housing applications; the earlier you submit your application, the earlier you will participate in room selection. Eligible students will receive their specific log in date/time by email. Participating in online room selection does not guarantee your choice of a specific residence hall, room type or roommate.

Students have the opportunity to select a roommate eligible for the same community as themselves. For example, both students need to be in the Honors College in order to live in Honors Housing. Students can search for and select a roommate through My College Roomie, if they wish. Further information about selecting roommates and accessing MCR will be available later in the year. A student eligible to select their room online can pull in their mutually preferred roommate to their room if the prospective roommate is eligible to live in the hall and space allows. HRC staff assign students that apply after February 1 and aim to assign them with their requested roommate, if space allows. Review our Roommates page for videos and other information to assist your roommate search and selection process.

Eligibility for certain residence halls is based upon your freshman status, gender, and any Living-Learning Community (LLC) participation. For example, Bryant Hall only houses male students in the College of Engineering while Honors Housing is for students admitted to the Honors College. Other LLCs are connected to other residence halls. Rates differ for each residence hall, so please review the projected housing rates as you consider your choices. We provide updated fall rates in early summer.
Living-Learning Communities (LLC) connect a student’s academic interests with their living environment, providing a supportive environment in which residents have a shared college, major, or academic program. UA offers many different LLCs with varying requirements for admission and expectations for participants. Some LLCs require application and acceptance into the program before HRC staff assigns participants rooms.
UA offers Honors Housing (located in Ridgecrest North, South and West, and Blount) to students in the Honors College, but it is not required or guaranteed. Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) live in Honors Housing and interact with residents. Staff develop programs for Honors Housing with students’ interests and needs in mind. Interested students can select space there, or receive assignment to Honors Housing, as space permits. Honors Housing residents cannot pull in non-Honors College students as roommates.
If you anticipate needing housing during UA breaks when campus is closed, consider living in Burke East or West, Parham Hall, Highlands, or Bryce Lawn. These residence halls typically remain open during break periods. All halls remain open during Thanksgiving Break, but other residence halls close during Winter and Spring Break.

Housing after Freshman Year

Housing availability for returning students and incoming transfer students varies each year and is very limited for fall 2023. More information regarding recontracting is sent to students in the fall. To qualify for housing, pay attention to all HRC emails sent to your Crimson email and meet all application deadlines.

Contract Release Process

If you decide not to attend UA, request a release from your contract with HRC by May 1, 2023, to receive a full refund of your $140 prepayment. Students who request a contract release from their housing between May 2 and June 1 receive a refund of $100. Cancel by June 15 to receive $50. To submit a contract release request, complete the form in the myhousing portal. The cancellation request form is available beginning on December 1, 2022. The refundable prepayment allows you to maximize your housing choices by applying earlier, even if unsure of your final school selection. To ensure you receive a refund, if eligible, request a contract release with HRC and not just Undergraduate Admissions. After the release deadline, we release you from your housing contract if you decide not to attend UA or receive an exemption. We will not approve requests for release in order to live in a sorority or fraternity housing or an off-campus apartment.

Mail and Packages

The UA Mail Center, operated by the Campus Mail Service, receives all deliveries. For more information, visit the Campus Mail Center webpage, or call Campus Mail Service at 205-348-7807.