Move-In Day is a busy time for everyone, as thousands of students will be arriving at The University of Alabama to begin the 2018-2019 academic year. To make the Move-In process run as smoothly as possible, we ask that you review the following information prior to arriving on campus:

  • Please abide by your scheduled Move-In time. All students have been assigned a specific Move-In date and time to prevent traffic jams and long elevator waits. If you arrive outside of your assigned Move-In period, our staff will direct you to a holding area to wait until conditions allow you to proceed.
  • Only personal vehicles will be allowed through the Move-In process. Moving trucks and trailers are not permitted. Keep in mind that only two vehicles per student will be allowed into the residence hall unloading zone on Move-In Day.
  • Upon arriving at your residence hall, you will receive your parking pass to be placed in the driver’s side of the front windshield. This parking pass is required to begin unloading at your residence hall.
  • When arriving at the residence hall, the resident will need to be dropped off to begin the check-in process. The resident will need his or her Action card and CWID for check-in.
  • Once your belongings have been unloaded onto the carts, members of your group will be directed to relocate your vehicle(s) to designated parking areas while volunteers escort the residents (with their carts) to their assigned rooms. There, volunteers will unload the carts and return to the loading zone to assist other residents with the Move-In process.
  • Crimson Ride buses will shuttle passengers from designated parking areas to the residence halls.

Things to remember:

  • Due to limited space in elevators, oversized furniture will not be allowed to be moved in during scheduled Move-In hours. Oversized dimensions are 72″ height x 42″ width x 24″ depth. Items may be unloaded into the building and brought to a monitored storage area in the building. Students and parents may claim these items and move them in after scheduled Move-In hours that day. Move-In staff will provide further instructions for these types of items during unloading.
  • Only 2 vehicles per resident will be allowed into the unloading area. If multiple family members wish to accompany you, consider having them ride separately and park in a designated campus lot. Parking will be available at other locations on campus, and Crimson Ride buses will shuttle passengers from these lots to the residence halls.
  • Please make every effort to pack your belongings into easily transportable containers (suitcases, moving boxes, etc.) as this will enable the Move-In staff to efficiently handle your belongings.
  • We ask that you please label your belongings with your last name and room number as an added measure of security (painter’s tape works well). In Ridgecrest South, please also designate North or South Tower.
  • No assistance with unpacking, arranging furnishings, etc. will be provided by volunteers in individual rooms under any circumstances.
  • Remember to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes!