All first-year undergraduate students are required to live on campus and submit a housing application, unless exempt from the requirement. Factors that affect when assignments are made include application date; gender; LLC participation, if any; and building preference. Roommate requests are not available for spring applications due to limited space.

Before Applying

To apply for housing, you must first be accepted to UA. Your application is not complete until you submit the contract and deposit and click Finish on the Application Confirmation page.

Log in

To begin the application, go to and login with your myBama username and password.

Once you have logged in, select “Housing Application” from the portal home page.


Application Information

Read this page carefully and click Next to continue.

Parent/Guardian Information

If the student is under the age of 18, a parent/legal guardian is required to sign the housing contract. Provide the name and contact information of one parent/guardian before selecting Next to proceed.

Personal Details

Verify that your information is correct. If you need to revise any information, log into your student account in myBama to make any updates. On this page, students can update their HRC contact info and opt in to receive text message updates. When completed, click Next to continue.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

To help us in our mission of fostering an inclusive environment for all students, we provide space to share their sex assigned at birth, space for any information you would like to provide regarding your gender identity and sexual orientation. Any information provided (optional) is protected by federal privacy laws and used only for official purposes. When completed, click Next to continue.

DocuSign Contract Signature

Click “Click Here to Go to the Housing Contract”. Do not close your browser or change screens in the application until you sign the contract.

Read the contract and sign the document electronically. If under the age of 18, you must provide the name and email address of a parent/guardian who will receive a copy of the contract for review via email and add their signature to your housing contract. Be sure you provide a correct parent email address, so this step can be completed.


The housing application fee is $200 ($165 prepayment and $35 non-refundable housing application fee) for incoming freshmen and $150 ($115 prepayment and $35 non-refundable housing application fee) for all other students. Select “Make Payment” to submit your application fee. Once you finish making the payment, you must click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page for the payment information to save correctly in the housing system.

Submit your payment information and select Continue.

Once your receipt shows on the screen, you can review the information and print a copy for your personal records. Make sure to select “Next” to ensure the payment is processed.

In order to receive a full refund of your prepayment $165, cancel your housing application prior to moving in or the start of class (January 12, 2022), whichever comes first. You must cancel with HRC, rather than Undergraduate Admissions, in order to receive a refund, if available.

Click Finish on the next page to complete your application.

The date your application is complete is the date that affects when your assignment is made. Be sure that you receive a confirmation email that your application is complete.