9 Month Contracts

Traditional Halls

Burke, Harris, and Parham

Room OptionRate
Double Occupancy$2,950
Single Occupancy$3,350


Room OptionRate
Double Occupancy$3,000
Single Occupancy$3,400


Room OptionRate
Double Occupancy$3,650
Single Occupancy$4,050

Traditional with shared bath

Blount and England

Room OptionRate
Double Occupancy$4,050
Single Occupancy (England Hall only)$4,450

Smith Woods

All small group houses

Room OptionRate
All small group houses (Double Occupancy)$3,100

Suite-style halls

Riverside, Lakeside, Ridgecrest, and Presidential Village

Room OptionRate
4 bedroom unit (Single Occupancy)$4,500
2 bedroom unit (Single Occupancy)$4,700
1 bedroom unit (Single Occupancy)$4,900


Room OptionRate
4 bedroom unit (Single Occupancy)$4,900
3 bedroom unit (Single Occupancy)$5,000
2 bedroom unit (Single Occupancy)$5,100
1 bedroom unit (Single Occupancy)$5,300


Bryce Lawn and Highlands

Room OptionRate
3 bedroom unit (Single Occupancy)$4,000

East Edge (12 month lease)

Room OptionRate
2 bedroom unit (Single occupancy)$5,800
4 bedroom unit (Single occupancy)$5,800

The Lofts (12 month lease)

Room OptionRate
2 bedroom unit (Single occupancy)$3,700
3 bedroom unit (Single occupancy)$3,700
4 bedroom unit (Single occupancy)$3,700