The room selection guide walks you through each step of the room selection process and provides quick troubleshooting solutions.

All first-year undergraduate students are required to live on campus and submit a housing application. Access to online room selection and/or housing assignments are determined by date of housing application, so the earlier you apply for housing, the more choices you will have.

Before Applying

To apply for housing, you must first be accepted to UA and pay your Freshman Enrollment Deposit. Your application is not complete until you submit the contract and deposit and you click on Save and Continue on the Application Confirmation page.

Log in

To begin your application, go to and use your myBama username and password.

Once you have logged in, select “Application” from the header. Select the term for which you are applying and then Save and Continue.


Screen 1: Welcome and 2: Application Information

Review the information on the first two pages, noting that all application and room assignment correspondence is sent to the student’s Crimson email, then proceed to the personal details page. Verify your information is correct. If you need to revise any information, log into your student account in myBama to make any updates.

Screen 3: Personal Details

On this page, students can update their HRC contact info, provide parent contact info for HRC updates (optional), opt in to receive text message updates, state interest in Living-Learning Communities, and provide sex assigned at birth. Space is provided for any information you would like to provide regarding your gender identity. Any information provided (optional) is protected by federal privacy laws and used only for official purposes. When completed, click Save and Continue to continue.

Note: Honors College participation also appears on this page. If this box is not checked, then your participation has not been confirmed for housing assignments. However, you have until April for Honors College to accept you and qualify for Honors Housing during room selection. To inquire about the status of your Honors College participation, please contact the Honors College.

Screen 4: Profile (Beginning Nov. 4)

Next personalize your roommate profile to best describe you to potential roommates. Answering honestly helps others develop realistic expectations about living with you, so students should complete this part, rather than parents. IMPORTANT: HRC does not use this information to help match roommates or to make assignments. The information on this page is only used to help you find roommates in the Roommate Search with similar living preferences.

Screen 5: DocuSign Contract Signature

Once you click “Create Document” do not close your browser or change screens in the application until you sign the contract.

Read the contract and sign the document electronically. If under the age of 19, you must provide the name and email address of a parent/guardian who will receive a copy of the contract for review via email and add their signature to your housing contract. Be sure you provide a correct parent email address, so this step can be completed. Once you provide all required signatures, you can proceed with your housing application and select the circle to proceed to the Deposit screen.

Screen 6: Deposit

Click Pay Now to pay the $200 deposit ($35 non-refundable application fee and $165 prepayment).

If you do not attend UA, cancel your housing application prior to May 1 to receive a full refund of your $165 prepayment. If you cancel between May 2 and June 1 you will receive a refund of $100. To submit a contract cancellation, fill out the online form. You must cancel with HRC, rather than Undergraduate Admissions, in order to receive a refund, if available.

You may pay by credit card or electronic check. Continue with your payment information, completing all of the fields marked with a red asterisk, and then click Continue. Once your payment is processed, you will proceed to the Application Confirmation.

You must click Save and Continue at the bottom of this page or your application will not be marked as complete. The date your application is complete is the date that will determine when you have access to online room selection.