The room selection guide walks you through each step of the room selection process and provides quick troubleshooting solutions.


Before Room Selection

Students can find and request a roommate upon completing the housing application and should confirm their roommate by March 1 for returning students and May 3 for freshmen at 5 p.m. CDT, as students with housing assignments cannot send or accept roommate requests. Students can review their roommate selection under “Roommate Selection” from the menu. For more information on requesting a roommate, please review the Roommate Guide.

Log In

Log in to myHousing using your myBama username and password on the assigned date/time sent to your Crimson email. Log in date/time is based on housing application date, and only students who applied for housing by the room selection deadline will have access to room selection.

Click the Application header and select the Academic Year 2019-2020 term. Click Save and Continue.

Selecting and Reserving a Room

Select the Room Search Wizard from the top menu then select a building to search for a room.

The next screen shows how many spaces are available on each floor. The columns designate the number of students in each bedroom, not the number of bedrooms in a suite. e.g. if searching for a 4-bedroom suite, look for a floor that has at least “4” in the column called “Spaces in Single Rooms”. Highlight the floor you want to see available space for and click Save and Continue.

The next screen shows each available space on the selected floor. Keep in mind:

  • The gender of the space is by each room and is defined by the first student to select the room. “D” means the gender is Dynamic and is still available to either male (M) or female (F) students.
  • The fraction at the end of each row signify the number of available spaces in the room or suite. e.g.: 3/4 that one space is occupied, and 3 of the 4 total spaces are available for selection.

Highlight the desired room, then click Save and Continue.

Students have 5 minutes to reserve space for themselves and a roommate. You must assign your roommate when you are on this screen. You will not be able to assign a roommate at a later date without selecting an entirely different space for you and your roommate. Once finished, click “Reserve Beds” to complete your selection.

Confirmation of Selection

Now that you have reserved the beds, you will see that each resident is confirmed in the space you selected for them for both semesters in the upcoming academic year. If you assign a roommate during room selection, they do not have to do anything to confirm their housing assignment.

You can view the information above at any time by logging back into your housing application and clicking the link for Application and Assignment Status in the top right.


The following information may be helpful to you during online room selection should your encounter an error message while attempting to select a space. Most issues that will arise will pertain to eligibility and availability.

The following grid shows which buildings students are eligible for, based on gender, academic year, declared major, as well as several other details. Please note: all students intending to live together as roommates must both be eligible for the building. An eligible student cannot pull in a roommate who is not eligible for that space.

BuildingGenderAcademic YearHonors OnlyMajorRoom RateElevatorsOpen Winter and Spring Break
BlountAnyAnyNoAnyBlount and England Hall RateYesNo
BryantMenIncoming FreshmenNoEngineering Only1-, 2-, and 4-person Suite RatesYesYes
Bryce LawnAnyAnyNoAnyApartment RateNoYes
Burke East and WestAnyAnyNoAnyDouble Occupancy Rate and Traditional 1-person RateYesYes
HarrisAnyAnyNoAnyDouble Occupancy Rate and Traditional 1-person RateNoNo
HighlandsAnyAnyNoAnyApartment RateNoYes
Lakeside East and WestAnyAnyNoAny1-, 2-, and 4-person Suite RatesYesNo
England HallAnyAnyNoAnyBlount and England Hall RateYesNo
ParhamMenAnyNoAnyDouble Occupancy Rate and Traditional 1-person RateYesNo
PatyAnyAnyNoAnyDouble Occupancy Rate and Traditional 1-person RateYesNo
Presidential I and IIAnyAnyNoAny2- and 4-person Suite RatesYesNo
Ridgecrest EastAnyIncoming FreshmenYesAny1-, 2-, and 4-person Suite RatesYesNo
Ridgecrest WestAnyAnyYesAny1-, 2-, and 4-person Suite RatesYesNo
Ridgecrest SouthAnyAnyYesAny2- and 4-person Suite RatesYesNo
RiversideAnyAnyNoAny1-, 2-, and 4-person Suite RatesYesNo
TutwilerWomenIncoming FreshmenNoAnyDouble Occupancy Rate and Traditional 1-person RateYesNo

If the Roommate steps and Residence Hall Information screens are grayed out, as shown below, you may need to click on the Application Confirmation screen.Click the button shown above in order to proceed through the rest of the steps. Students can complete this step before online room selection begins by login in to your application at any time. Clicking the button to complete your application will not change your room selection date.

Application menu with "#9, Application Confirmed" highlighted

Application confirmation page, with "Click here to complete your application" button highlighted

Online room selection shows all residence halls and may show you buildings for which you are not eligible. This does not mean that you will be able to pick a space in those buildings. For instance, a non-Honors student may see the Ridgecrest halls in the list below.Building list with arrow next to "Ridgecrest South"

However, when you attempt to choose a space, the error shown below will be displayed.

Available rooms selection box with no available rooms error

To make the most of your time in online room selection, check your eligibility before you log in and brainstorm a few different options that you are eligible for.

You may be eligible for a space that your accepted roommate cannot be pulled into or select for themselves.Room selection page with room in Ridgecrest South selected for a roommate who is not in Honors

When you attempt to click Reserve Beds, you will see an error message similar to the one shown below. This means that your roommate is not eligible for that space.

Room Search Wizard page with error showing room not available due to its special profile

To make the most of your time in online room selection, check your eligibility, along with any roommate, before you log in and brainstorm a few different options that you and your roommate are eligible for.

If there are not as many spaces available as you are intending to select, you will see the number of available spaces in the room list, like the one shown below.Room selected that is coded "F - 1/2"

If you choose to continue with this space anyway, you will not be able to assign the roommate you had intended to the spaces. You will need to choose a different space.

Reserve Beds page with roommate assignment drop down bar selected