The University of Alabama understands that sending your student to college for the first time can be full of excitement and anxiety. UA Housing and Residential Communities views parents and family members as partners in the support of student success, both in the classroom and in our residence halls. We are happy to help supply you information about HRC policies and procedures as you coach your student through their Capstone experience, particularly their first year at UA. Below you will find a few links to helpful information as your prepare to bring your student to campus and beyond:

Once your student is living on campus, HRC has 6 full-time area coordinators, about 19 community directors, and 236 resident advisors living on campus as well, prepared to support your student. Our office has multiple staff members on call every day. Students can reach an on-call staff member after office hours and on weekends via their community desk or UAPD dispatcher.

When your student has completed participation in the Freshman Residency Program, our office of Off-Campus Resources staff is happy to provide assistance to your student as they seek off-campus housing. Through classroom visits, housing fairs, bus tours, residence halls programs, etc., we strive to, not only provide students with information about the MANY properties around campus and the Tuscaloosa area, but to also educate students about off-campus living to prepare them for that next step.