There are several opportunities to communicate with UA students, both on campus and off. To protect our residents, please read the information below and adhere to all guidelines.

The space and facilities of The University of Alabama are intended primarily for the support of the teaching, research, and service components of its mission. UA’s Grounds Use Policy limits activities, advertisement and events on campus to those sponsored and/or conducted by University offices, University affiliates, and registered student organizations.

Solicitation by groups not affiliated with UA is prohibited in or around the residence halls. Solicitation includes, but is not limited to, private businesses and off-campus organizations. Solicitation can include sales, promotion, distribution of materials or samples, advertising or “any commercial activity.” More detail about these activities can be found in UA’s Grounds Use Policy.

On-Campus Marketing

University offices and approved student organizations are permitted to submit fliers and other materials for approval for distribution in residence halls. You can also host an event or set up a lobby table in the residence halls with prior approval.

Common formats of marketing materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital signage (in JPG on PNG format) on widescreen displays throughout halls
  • Submission in newsletter to RAs about information relevant to HRC staff
  • Fliers to be posted throughout halls by HRC staff

Please read the Distribution Guidelines (PDF) for more detailed information on events, materials, approval and distribution.

NOTE: All materials and events must be approved prior to distribution. Unapproved material may be removed. Please contact Marketing Coordinator David Walton for more information.

Off-Campus Marketing

To have your event or announcements included in the monthly Off-Campus Newsletter, please email our Off-Campus Resources staff at