Sometimes students’ housing assignments are not exactly what they hoped for, especially at first. However, after moving in and allowing time for adjustment, many find they are happy with their assignment. Attitude plays an important role in adjusting to many new things in college, and we encourage students to approach their living environment in an open and positive manner.

Conflicts with roommates, even roommates who have been longtime friends, are almost inevitable, as learning to communicate effectively and compromise take time and effort. Students who experience roommate conflicts may wish to complete a roommate agreement and/or have roommate mediation. Please contact your RA or your Community Director for guidance and assistance.

For students who do wish to try to move, HRC considers room change requests, based on the nature of the request and available space. Students who request medical accommodation must submit a Medical Accommodation Request. Room change requests are only requests, and our ability to make any change depends upon availability of space.

Spring Room Change Requests

The room change request form will be available in the myHousing portal beginning December 1. To access it, click on myRoom. Requests are generally considered in the order that they are submitted, with consideration for the nature of the request and available space. Some requests cannot be granted, because of limited space. Fall requests that were not granted are not automatically carried over to spring; if you are still interested in a room change, please submit a new room change request for spring. Please note, your request is only a request.

Spring room change requests will be processed beginning mid-to-late January, once spring semester occupancy checks are completed. You will be notified by email in the event that we are able to grant your room change request.