Sometimes students’ housing assignments are not exactly what they hoped for, especially at first. However, after moving in and allowing time for adjustment, many find they are happy with their assignment. Attitude plays an important role in adjusting to many new things in college, and we encourage students to approach their living environment in an open and positive manner.

For students who do wish to move, there are typically designated room change request periods, during which residents can request changes based on preference for a different type of residence hall, or a specific hall or room; need for a lower cost room; preference to live with a particular roommate; or medical accommodation. Students who request medical accommodation must submit a Medical Accommodation Request. Room change requests are only requests, and our ability to make any change depends upon availability of space.

Keep the following in mind when making a request:

  • We consider requests in the order they are submitted and as space allows. There is an advantage to submitting your request earlier, rather than waiting; you can cancel it if you change your mind after submitting it. To cancel your request, email
  • If your preference is for a type of building rather than a specific residence hall, request that type of building. It will offer more options to fulfill the request.
  • Use the comment section to tell us any other information that is relevant to your request.

The room change request form is located as a step on the housing application. To access, go to the myHousing portal, click on the application, and then select Room Change Request Form.

Fall Room Change Requests (Summer, Pre-Move-In)

The 2020 online room change request form for summer assignment changes is now closed.

We are currently assessing whether room changes will be allowed this fall due to COVID.