Updated 10/1/2016

Note: These charges are minimum charges. Depending on the severity of the damage, charges could be more than the listed amount. Charges vary by building.

Common Charges

Lost keys$100
Improper check out$50
Excessive cleaning needed$50
Unauthorized Pets/Animals$200 per night until animal is removed
Removal of Personal Items$500


Damage TypeCharge
Missing or damaged bed frame$350
Missing mattress$150
Mattress not in “like new” condition (small tear(s), stains, etc.)
*These mattresses will have to be replaced with a new mattress prior to opening*
Missing or damaged chest$350
Missing or damaged drawers$100/ drawer
Missing sofa$850
Damaged upholstered furniture and/or missing cushion(s)$50/yard
(min. $100)
Missing or damaged end table$150
Missing or damaged coffee table$200
Missing or damaged lounge chair$150-250
Missing or damaged desk$350
Missing or damaged desk chair$150
Missing or damaged dining table$300
Missing or damaged dining chair$125
Moved furniture or mattress$50/item

Bathroom Fixtures

Damage TypeCharge
Damaged bathtub (replacement)$800
Damaged sink (replacement)$100
Damaged toilet (replacement)$175
Broken or damaged bathroom mirror$30-$150
Broken towel racks$50-$100
Damaged medicine cabinet$100

Permanent and/or Safety Equipment

Damage TypeCharge
Stickers/decals on wall, window or furniture$30
Damaged bulletin board (replacement)$300
Graffiti (walls, bulletin boards, furniture, etc.)min. $25
Broken or missing ceiling lightsmin. $50
Missing or damaged smoke detector$125
Disconnected smoke detector$300
Damaged ceilingmin. $100
Damaged walls (paint entire room)min. $150
Damage to floor covering (including labor and materials)$72/yard
Missing or broken windowmin. $50
Missing or damaged mini-blindsmin. $60
Missing or damaged vertical blinds$175-$225
Damage to counter topsmin. $200
Damage to cabinet doorsmin. $50
Dirty cabinets$25
Broken door handle$50
Broken door handle (entry/fire doors)$350
Nail holesmin. $25
Missing door (fire rated)$400
Replacement of interior door (includes suite-style bedroom door)$250
Fire extinguisher: replacement$25-35
Fire extinguisher: recharge$10-15
Fire extinguisher box damage$150


Damage TypeCharge
Missing stove$350
Missing or damaged refrigerator$500
Missing or damaged dishwasher$350
Missing or damaged washer/dryermin. $800
Missing or damaged microwave$150
Missing or damaged microfridge$450
Dirty stove$25
Dirty refrigerator$25
Missing glass plate from microwave$50