Blount exterior

This 62,600 sq-ft., four-story facility includes residential facilities for up to 180 Blount Scholars Program students, four seminar rooms and a reading room. There are wireless internet connections throughout the building and a community kitchen on the third floor. Blount is also home to part of the Honors Community.

The Blount Living-Learning Center is located behind Paty Hall, in close proximity to the Ferguson Student Center and the Student Services Building.

Residence Hall Details

University Breaks

All residence halls are open for fall and Thanksgiving breaks.

Dining and Laundry Options

The closest dining hall is Lakeside Dining. There is a community kitchen on the 3rd floor. A laundry room is available on the 3rd floor.

Floor Plan

Blount Typical Unit
(2 double occupancy bedrooms with a shared bathroom)

Get ready to move into Blount

Staff & Address

Area Coordinator: Emily Stephens
Phone: (205) 348-5877

Community Director: Cokie Thompson
Phone: (205) 347-7713

Blount Hall Street Address*
901 2nd Street
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

*Note: mail is not delivered to this address. Mail and packages will be sent to the Ferguson Mail Center.

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Room Details


  • Furniture provided for each resident:
    • Standard twin bed and mattress (36” x 75”), adjustable height up to 31” max from floor
    • Desk (dimensions vary)
    • Desk chair
    • 3-drawer dresser (30” x 24”)
  • Microfridge
  • Vinyl tile flooring

Bathroom (shared by 4 residents)

  • 2 sinks
  • Shower curtain provided

Additional Details

  • Approx. room dimensions: 12’ x 12’
  • Approx. window dimensions: 43” x 53”
  • Includes Ethernet connection and cable TV connection

Please note that residents must bring their own trash receptacles, cookware, eating utensils and cleaning supplies for use in their apartment or suite.

Map to Residence Hall

Please note: driving directions may be altered during Move-In, so please follow any driving instructions sent to your Crimson email.

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