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Map key:
Green – Route to Building
Yellow – Check in and unloading zone
Red – Path to Parking

Getting There

  • From the intersection of Lurleen Wallace Blvd. and University Blvd. (33.209079, -87.571041 on Google Maps), turn East on University Blvd., toward UA Campus.
  • In 1 mile, turn Left onto Campus Drive W.
  • Follow sign turning Left into Ridgecrest South/Blount/Paty staging area.
  • From here, staff will direct you to Unloading Zone.


  • After exiting Unloading Zone, continue on 2nd Street
  • Turn Left onto Marrs Spring Rd. at the stop sign
  • In 0.2 miles, turn Right onto Campus Drive W.
  • In 0.1 miles, parking is on your left at West Commuter Lot.
  • Shuttle Service will take you back to Blount.