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Map key:
Green – Route to Building
Yellow – Check in and unloading zone
Red – Path to Parking

Getting There

  • From the intersection of Lurleen Wallace Blvd. and University Blvd. (33.209079, -87.571041 on Google Maps), turn East on University Blvd., toward UA Campus.
  • In 1 mile, turn Left onto Campus Drive W.
  • Follow sign turning Left into Ridgecrest South/Blount/Paty staging area.
  • From here, staff will direct you to Unloading Zone.


  • Staff and volunteers will assist with unloading belongings from the vehicle and transporting items to the resident’s room. We ask that the driver remain with the vehicle while the resident is checking in and unloading.
  • Once the vehicle is unloaded, the driver will need to immediately leave the unloading zone and proceed to the appropriate parking location. Only the resident may check in, parents/guardians will not be permitted to check in on the resident’s behalf. If the resident is also the only available driver, please let our staff know immediately upon your arrival so that arrangements can be made.


  • Exiting Unloading Zone, turn Left onto 2nd St.
  • Turn Left onto Marrs Spring Rd.
  • In 0.2 miles, turn Right onto Campus Drive W.
  • In 0.1 miles, parking is on your left at Ten Hoor Surface Lot
  • Shuttle Service back to Ridgecrest South.