Here at The University of Alabama, we seek to give students every possible opportunity to succeed, and we are excited to offer students further development opportunities through our many diverse Living-Learning Communities. These programs provide students with access to educational programs and extracurricular activities exclusive to each Living-Learning Community. Each community is unique, with specific requirements and living arrangements. Students select certain communities during online room selection, while others require a separate application and acceptance into that program before assignment. Read the following information, and contact specific Living-Learning Communities or the HRC main office if you have any questions.

Looking for more living options? Check out our Themed Housing information.

The following Living-Learning Communities will be offered during the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Blount Scholars Program

Community Features/Requirements: Faculty-in-Residence and common classes
Eligibility & How to Apply: Students must be accepted to the Blount program. There is a separate application for this community.

The Blount Scholars Program provides students majoring in arts and sciences with a specialized living-learning environment. Located in Blount Hall, built specifically for this community, scholars reside within a building containing classrooms, fellow Blount program members, and a Faculty in Residence. For tour information call Brenda Montgomery at 205-348-1706. To complete an application for admission to the Blount program, please click here.

Commerce and Business Administration (C&BA)

Community Features/Requirements: Faculty-in-Residence and common classes
Eligibility & How to Apply: Students in C&BA are eligible. Students should indicate this community on the LLC/Themed Housing Interest Form by April 28, 2017.

The C&BA living option for men and women, located in Friedman Hall, provides a personal, caring, and supportive environment through increased student/faculty interaction. A C&BA faculty member lives in Friedman, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) student serves as the Community Director overseeing the operation of the building. This option exposes residents to a variety of perspectives, knowledge, and information by involving C&BA faculty and staff, and business leaders in programs presented in the residence hall.

Residents benefit from the mentoring, advising, and peer counseling that takes place in the building. Group study areas provide excellent opportunities for collaboration on papers, projects, and business team requirements. Friedman is open to freshmen, as well as returning students. *Limited to C&BA majors.

Creative Writing

Community Features: Common classes, peer mentors, rich campus literary culture
Eligibility & How to Apply: There is a separate application for this community due May 15, 2018.

The Creative Writing community provides students committed to the craft of writing a communal space to collaborate and innovate. It fosters the creative spirit students need to feel welcome on campus as writers and thinkers. Further, students participating in the program will feel energized and inspired by each other’s creative endeavors, as well as by the many creative writing opportunities and events on campus. Students take part in a unique first-year composition sequence taught by creative writing faculty that integrates fiction and poetry into the study of expository writing. The Creative Writing community quickly connects first-year student writers to the Creative Writing program and fellow students, foster future leaders both in and outside of the classroom, and provide an enhanced and more immersive college experience for creative individuals interested in reading, writing, and a vibrant intellectual life. Residents take EN 101 and EN 102 together as a group.

This program is currently housed in Harris Hall. Students who are interested in participating should complete the application by May 15, 2018.

Delta Initiative: Capstone Women in STEM

Community Features/Requirements: Common classes and peer mentors
Eligibility & How to Apply: There is a separate application for this community.

The Delta Initiative: Capstone Women in STEM is a community of freshmen women who have the opportunity to live, learn, and study together. Community members:

  • take a common Women’s Studies Course (WS 200)
  • benefit from study spaces and programs in the residence hall designed with STEM majors in mind
  • have the opportunity to participate in STEM-specific community service

The Delta Initiative provides opportunities for career exploration, plan visits with STEM employers, and builds meaningful connections with faculty and STEM practitioners. Students majoring in biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, marine science, mathematics, microbiology, physics, or any of the eight majors in the College of Engineering are eligible. This program is currently housed in Riverside East.

German House

Community Features/Requirements: Common class
Eligibility & How to Apply: There is a separate application for this community.

If you wish to enhance your German skills in a fun and relaxed environment, the German House is the right fit for you! The Hans und Sophie Scholl Haus constitutes a unique living-learning program. Students who live in the house agree to speak German as much as possible and UA offers an optional conversation course exclusive to German House residents. The program is supervised by a student director, who is a native speaker and lives in the house with the other residents. Most years, the program consists of about half Germany or Austrian students and half U.S. students.

Currently, Bryce Lawn houses Scholl Haus in several of its apartments. For more information, visit the German house site.

Honors College

Community Features/Requirements: Faculty-in-Residence
Eligibility & How to Apply: Students must be accepted to the Honors College.

Students in the Honors College, International Honors Program, and/or Computer-Based Honors Program have the option to live in BlountPatyRidgecrest EastWest or South. These living-learning facilities form the center of the University’s tightly knit honors community. For more information, please visit *Affiliation with Honors College is required.

Honors Connections Living-Learning Community

Who: First year students in the Honors College
Where: Ridgecrest West
Program Requirements: Enrollment during fall semester in the one-hour course, UH 100: Honors Connections LLC.
Complete application by April 20
Contact: Rebecca Whitley, 205-348-6029,

Community Highlights:

This Living-Learning Community encourages first year students’ transition to UA and the Honors College by fostering engagement with sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Through enrollment in UH 100 and informal interactions in the residence hall, students will cultivate an understanding of the Four Pillars of the Honors College and their own personalities, strengths, and areas of interest. Participation in Honors Connections fulfills the Honors year one requirement by enrolling in designated UH 100 sections.
Learn more at

If interested, apply now using your myBama username and password to log in


Community Features/Requirements: Faculty-in-Residence, required course for fall and spring, and peer mentors
Eligibility & How to Apply: There is a separate application for this community.

The Parker Adams Living-Learning Community (PA) is available to any student registered in the College of Arts & Sciences. During the fall semester, the program focuses on the transition to college life. Topics include an introduction to campus services, study skills, test preparation, and academic advising. During the spring semester, students are introduced to experiential learning opportunities such as education abroad, internships, undergraduate research, and service learning. Social and cultural activities are also scheduled throughout the year. Student peer leaders and a faculty-in-residence live in the residence hall to provide guidance and support. PA students take EN 101 and EN 102 together as a group. Program activities and services are offered through one credit compass courses: AS 101 (fall) and AS 102 (spring). PA students form valuable relationships with faculty, staff, and students that continue beyond the freshman year. This program is currently housed in Harris Hall.

NOTE: PA room assignments will be made during the spring semester following acceptance to the program.