• Pack light and pick up additional items when you arrive.
  • Contact roommate(s) ahead of time to avoid bringing duplicate items.
  • Wait to shop for groceries and supplies when you get here.
  • Label ALL belongings with your name, building, room number and phone number.
    View/print sample packing labels
  • To save space, leave winter clothes at home and exchange with summer clothes during trips home.

What to Bring

  • Appropriate clothing—think in terms of a number of items of lighter clothing, which can be layered as it gets colder and shed as it warms up. To save space, trade your warm weather clothing for cold weather wear at fall or Thanksgiving break, then trade back at Spring Break. 
  • Rain gear (jacket, umbrella, boots) 
  • Academic supplies (backpack, pens, notebooks, etc.) 
  • Alarm clock 
  • Computer, laptop, or tablet (and charging cords)
  • Bedding: blankets, pillows, comforter, and sheets (check mattress dimensions for your hall) 
  • Cleaning supplies (disinfecting wipes, paper towels)  
  • Dish soap and towels 
  • Clothes hangers 
  • Laundry basket/bag, detergent, and supplies 
  • Lamp and/or desk lamp with LED or CFL light bulbs  
  • Fan (for good circulation and white noise)  
  • Towels, washcloths, and toiletry items 
  • Bathrobe, shower shoes, and shower caddy 
  • Basic first aid supplies (bandages, antibiotic ointment, etc) 
  • Trash can and bags  
  • Power strip (3-prong) 
  • Pitcher water filter (no faucet attachments)
  • Insurance information (health and renters) 
  • Photo identification 
  • OK appliances: rice cookers, Keurigs and coffee makers with an automatic shut-off 

Items Shared with Roommates

  • TV for shared space (no size limit, but mounting TVs is prohibited)
  • Small vacuum and/or broom
  • Toilet paper (except Burke, Parham and Paty)

What Not to Bring

  • Trailer or moving trucks 
  • Your own mattress 
  • Alcohol or alcohol containers 
  • Candles or incense 
  • Pets, except fish/approved service animals 
  • Space heaters 
  • LED strip lights 
  • Weapons, fireworks, or explosives 
  • Tobacco, vapes, and e-cigarettes 
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia 
  • No wifi extenders or wireless routers
  • 3D printers
  • No installed plumbing items (includes but not limited to bidet attachments, faucet filter attachments, toilet seats/lids, shower heads)
  • No appliances that include: Air fryers, toasters, toaster ovens, pressure cookers, hot plates, griddles, grills 
  • Any appliances with an open heating element or where the food comes into direct contact with the heat source

Students also cannot store, charge or ride electric scooters, electric skateboards or hoverboards in the residence halls.

Shipping and Package Pickup

You can begin shipping packages to campus prior to move-in. Campus Mail has helpful information on their website, including district zone info. Every student is assigned a Mail Stop Code (MSC) number for their time at UA. All packages must include this MSC number, which can be found in the student’s myBama.