Room Selection

Incoming freshmen who complete their housing application by February 1, 2022, are eligible to take part in online room selection in Spring 2022. Students eligible to participate are notified of their log-in time through their Crimson email in the spring. During this process,

  • students pick their space to live in the fall from available spaces for which they are eligible,
  • can pull in their confirmed roommate to their room if they have formed a roommate group; are both eligible to live in that hall/room; and space allows,
  • students are not guaranteed any specific building or style of building. Buildings will fill during the room selection process, and suites may not be available later in the room selection process.

We base student’s initial room selection day/time on their housing application completion date (which means the contract is signed and the $200 housing deposit is paid). Return to your application to confirm your completion date.

Incoming freshmen can select one other student to form a roommate group of two. If one person in the group is eligible for room selection, that person can select a room and pull in the other student in their roommate group during their assigned room selection time. If both students in a roommate group are eligible for room selection, the person with the earlier selection date can select a room and pull in the other student, as long as space allows.

Selecting a 4-person suite

Incoming freshmen may form a roommate group with one other person. Some students hope to select a 4-person suite and have two roommate pairs join together in that suite. Students will increase their chances of successfully doing so by:

  • Pairing up and confirming two roommate groups prior to the start of room selection. A student must be in a roommate group in order to pull another student in during room selection. A student can only pull the one student in their group into a room or suite.
  • Communicating and selecting during the same room selection time. If Group A receives an earlier room selection time, and they want to try to be in the same suite as Group B, which has a later selection time, they need to wait to select at the same assigned time as Group B.
  • A member of each roommate group goes in and selects spaces in the same suite.
  • If Group A selects a suite during their earlier room selection time without waiting until Group B’s time, then more than likely, another random group will go in and select the remaining spaces in that suite.
  • Waiting until a later selection time in order to try to get two pairs together will reduce the spaces available for selection, and there is no guarantee that two roommate pairs can select spaces in the same suite. Students who wait to pick at a later room selection time risk not getting into a building or space that they prefer. Students should decide whether to prioritize preferred space or roommates.

Room Assignment

HRC assigns students who apply after February 1 beginning in late May through late July/early August. Factors that affect assignment are application date; gender; Living-Learning Community status, if any; and roommate group. We consider roommate and hall preferences as space allows but cannot guarantee either. HRC notifies students of their assignment via email. Students can see their assignment and roommate(s) in their myHousing portal by clicking on View Fall Assignment.