My College Roomie (MCR) is a tool to help incoming residents make friends and find a compatible roommate, so they can expect a great first-year college experience. Incoming freshmen can select one roommate, if they choose. Students who do not select a roommate will still have one or more through either staff assignment or room selection.

Login information will be sent to students with a complete housing application and roommate selection begins February 1, 2022. Students may need to wait up to 24 hours after submitting a complete housing application to receive their welcome email. Complete your profile and questionnaire to start getting to know other incoming students and looking for a roommate. Prior to Feb. 1, the “Roommate Request” button is not available, but students can browse and make connections. Early applicants should check back periodically as more students gain access to MCR and complete their questionnaires.

Incoming freshmen should confirm their roommate, if they select one, by 5 p.m. CDT on April 27.

Guide Videos

MCR provides guide videos to help students utilize their software.

My College Roomie Support

If any issues occur, please use the “Support” tab within MCR or visit the MCR support page to report them to the MCR support team.